To Do List

My writing is significantly rusty. Getting all of this down is like riding a bike for the very first time – wobbling over all the place. But one must ride right through that. Consistency is a word at the forefront of my mind these days. I think productive, intentional consistency in a personal practice can be very challenging.  As I embark on refashioning the shape of my family life after 4.5 years in the USA, I notice there are many angles from which I am being called to practice being consistent. I’ll make a list:

1. Weave some purpose into the day. Though I am not technically working a full-time job right now, I must consistently create and follow a schedule for as many days a week as possible. This can help me avoid feeling stuck. I do not currently have the kind of job that schedules my day for me. So I am realizing how necessary it is to rise in the morning with a purpose – even if it has to be a sort of faking it kind of purpose on some days just to keep the ball rolling.

2. Read something. Right now I am reading a sort of spiritual historical novel depicting the meeting and relationship of Shems Tabrizi and Jalaluddin Rumi. (A thoughtful and perfectly timed gift from Yassine. Hi Yassine!) When I say reading, I mean that I hold the book in my hand once or twice a day and every few days, I actually read some words out of it – a page to three pages at a time. But hey it keeps me going in the sea of child centered tasks and activities I engage in everyday at my house.

3. Be consistent with Aslam. Even for a four-year old, his personality is intense. He is sometimes so annoying and just when I want to run away from him I remember that I can actually influence him significantly. With this guy, you must be on at all times. He doesn’t let up so neither can you. Learning lessons all day long.

4. Write everything down. It worked when I was 7 and 14 and 21 and 28 and 32. Until recently I had been writing everything down. Now seems like a good time to get back to that.

5. Eat well. Because it feels crappy not to and it will be helpful to be in tip-top shape throughout this lengthy and energetic transition that is life itself.

I realize I could generate a much longer list of things I need to be consistent with. However, the full edition of such a list would surely be overwhelming and probably cause some apathy so these five things are currently at the top of this list.

Though there are moments when the effort it takes to be consistent feels like too much to bother with. However,  in a life like this one – teetering on the edge of great change and guiding two small others through their continuous personal evolution as well, developing that consistency is going to keep me grounded and possibly even be the way to my own self realization.

What is on your to do list? Where do you challenge yourself to be consistent?

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