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Asalamu alycum

Good evening. I begin this blog almost furtively as I hear my 17 month old son waking up in the next room. I guess I took too long messing with the background design and I have missed my beautiful sweet window of solitude-time that comes with his nap. He’ll be barrelling out of our room any moment. What can I manage to say before he does?

I have come to write any of this after much encouragement from others. And because I know that I will enjoy telling my stories. And because I have come to understand that I am a writer. A laptop has taken the place of my childhood notebooks.

Right now: I have a freshly earned Master’s degree, inspired by more than a decade of living in North Africa and the Middle East, Islamic practice begun at almost 30 years old, marriage to an adventurous Moroccan, the delight of French and Derrija (Moroccan Arabic dialect) on my tongue, and more…

Right now: I have big plans for the future and among them – to keep up this hot-out-of-the-oven momentum I have built in the proces of finishing my thesis.

I have no idea of how this step into publicly sharing my writing will go. It is an experiment and I am looking forward to the surprises. Whatever they may be. For the moment, my dear child has arrived…

A bientot, c’est sure.

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